Joyce Sherry, PCC

Adolescent & Adult Coach

My Philosophy of Coaching

I am a Professional Certified Coach in good standing with the International Coaching Federation, the gold standard of coaching professionalism.

Coaching helps clients cut through the whirling chaos of life to find clarity and action. The best coaching recognizes the client as creative, resourceful, and whole. 

The coach brings 

Coaching means being there for my clients, no matter what. I listen to my clients with unconditional positive regard, whole-heartedness, and deep attention, holding the space for them to bring their wisdom to bear. 

Coaching ≠ Therapy

Coaching is not the same as therapy. In fact, it's an entirely different approach. Coaching helps you to face challenges, discover options, and move beyond obstacles. It gives you time to focus on (re)creating and (re)inventing yourself so that you can see the results you're after! Coaching is not about looking into the past but about moving into the future. Your future. 

For a full rundown of all the details on my approach to coaching, click here.

Why Work With Me

Teenagers work with me because they know I love, respect, and have faith in them. When we talk together, I help them to see through the fog, to cut through confusion, and to find a clear way forward.  Whether they’re debating college choices, pining for school-life balance, confused by relationship drama, feeling misunderstood by their parents, or encountering one of the many other challenges that arise in adolescence, the coaching I offer allows them to tap into their innate wisdom and good sense and find their way.

Parents work with me because—after over two decades as a coach at York School, the independent, co-ed high school in Monterey—I am deeply knowledgeable about and experienced in the emotionally charged, complex questions inherent in shepherding our teens into adulthood. Parents value my extensive schooling as a coach and my professional association with the International Coaching Federation. Parents know their children best, and I value working as part of a team in support of the family. 

Adults work with me because I meet them where they are and help them to move forward. I provide insight that deepens clients' understanding of themselves. I can help them find the key to their locked doors and develop the courage to walk through them. 

I recognize the difference a compassionate and whole-hearted coach can make during challenging times. I love being the person who holds the warm, safe harbor for my clients to find their way back to themselves. Once they’ve done that, they can do anything. 

Why a Hummingbird?

To the Zunis, it's a messenger of joy.

In Spanish culture, it's the warrior bird.

Together we can find joy and harness your warrior spirit.